Promoting positive development and fostering healthy family relationships across the life course

Lab Members


Sigan Hartley, PhD

Credentials: 100 Women Distinguished Chair in Human Ecology

Position title: Principal Investigator

Research Staff

Rachel Aune

Position title: Research Program Manager

Renee Makuch

Position title: ABC-DS Project Manager

Brianna Gambetti, PhD

Position title: Project Assistant

Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Tori Fleming

Position title: Graduate Student

Milton Yoon

Position title: Graduate Student

Emily Schworer

Position title: Postdoc

Undergraduate Students

Mikaela Geraghty

Position title: Undergraduate Student

Anna Grace Ravis

Position title: Undergraduate Student

Lindsey Stugard

Position title: Undergraduate Student

Lab Members Over the Years

Spring 2019 lab photo

(Top, Left to Right): Haley Schultz, Sigan Hartley, Jordan Bondeson, Theresa Schinkowitch

(Bottom, Left to Right): Taylor Krahn, Geovanna Rodriguez, Gabrielle Eull, Brianna Gambetti

Spring 2018 Lab Photo
(Left to Right) Iulia Mihila, Haley Schultz, Emily Hickey, Alyssa Frejnik, Sigan Hartley, Geovanna Rodriguez, Greta Goetz, Myxee Thao, Hailey Boyer, Katie Phillips, Helen Rottier.

Hartley Lab Fall 2017

(Top, left to right) Sara Moldenhauer, Greta Goetz, Meredith Miller, Lisa Wendt, Paige Bussanich, Katie Phillips, Haley Johnson, Emily Hickey, Shannon Jean, Iulia Mihila
(Bottom, left to right) Kim Drastal, Sigan Hartley, Haley Schultz, Lindsey Adamson

(Top, left to right) Haley Schultz, Lily Cohen, Katie Phillips, Sara Moldenhauer, Megan Gray, Lisa Wendt, Sigan Hartley, Greta Goetz, Iulia Mihila. (Bottom, left to right) Emily Hickey, Paige Bussanich, Desiree Tayor, Andrea McLaughlin, Yuan Meng.

Sara Dierich, Victoria Ito, Dr. Sigan Hartley, Kasey Hermanson, Aubrey Fisher, Lauren Schlapman, Katie Phillips, Matt Walczak, Chloe Shmays, Iulia Mihaila (Top: left to right). Lindsey Allerton Dubois, Catrina Kok, Paige Bussanich, Haley Schultz, Shari Blumenstock (Bottom: left to right).

Kasey Hermanson, Aubrey Fisher, Lauren Schlapman, Dr. Sigan Hartley, Greta Goetz, Iulia Mihaila (Top, left to right). Paige Bussanich, Emily Schaidle, Haley Schultz, Shari Blumenstock (Bottom, left to right).

Not pictured: Hannah Otalora-Fadner, Camara Gregory, Chloe Shmays, Courtney Cullen, Sarah Dietrich

Iulia Mihaila, Heidi Voelker, Megan Gray, Lauren Schlapman, Emily Schaidle (Top: left to right). Rebecca Schmidt, Sam Hageman, Kallie Delveaux, Paige Bussanich (Bottom: left to right).

Haley Schultz, Kristen Westenfield, Emily Hickey, Emily Schaidle, Kellie Becker, Iulia Mihaila (left to right), Dr. Sigan Hartley (center).

Not Pictured: Vincent Sirocchi, Greta Goetz, Jasmine Graithwaite, Rebecca Shalev

Molly Palzkill, Karissa Propson, Emily Hickey, Dr. Sigan Hartley, Emily Schaidle, Madeline McDonnell, Kristen Westenfield (left to right).

Not pictured: Rebecca Shalev