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Family Newsletter

If your family is interested in participating in our research, please see out Current Research page for more information studies currently recruiting.

Hartley Lab Newsletter 2019

  • Recruitment Updates
  • Conferences & Meetings
  • Study Update: What’s next?
  • NiAD Participant Spotlights
  • Searching for biomarkers

Hartley Lab Newsletter Fall 2017 

  • Study Update
  • What Parents are Saying about Siblings
  • Findings: Parent Sleep Quality
  • Community Resources
  • Tips for High Quality Sleep
  • Findings: Couple Experiences
  • Child Accomplishments
  • A look into the Future

Hartley Lab Newsletter July 2016

  • Study Update
  • Findings: Parental Attributions
  • Findings: Spillover
  • A Look into the future
  • About Our Lab

Hartley Lab Newsletter July 2014

  • Study Update
  • Findings: Division of Labor
  • Findings: Family Support
  • Student Projects
  • A Look Into the Future
  • Future Research Topics
  • In the Community
  • About Our Lab

Hartley Lab Newsletter April 2013

  • Study Update
  • Findings
  • Experiences of Families
  • A Look into the Future
  • Student Projects
  • In the Community
  • About Our Lab